Mandarin Fellowship 國語部團契

In-person meetings have been suspended until further notice. Fellowships are connecting through Zoom. Please contact the appropriate contact person listed for the group.
實體聚會已暫停,直到另行通知。 請與所列出的聯繫人聯絡,加入Zoom聚會。

A variety of fellowship groups are available whereby you & your family can become an active participant in the growth & practice of your faith. Our fellowship groups provide a comfortable setting to mutually share your life with other Christians—where prayers and encouragements for one another take place. The ultimate goal is to put into practice what you have learned through God’s Word.


Join a group in Mandarin 參與國語團契

South Sac Care Group 南區關懷小組

Education Building, E11
1st Saturdays at 6:00pm
4th Saturdays at 5:00pm

Contact: 范書香姊妹